The silver keys are items in which are used to unlock the castle gate, thus allowing the player to beat the game. There are a total of six silver keys in the game, all of which are mandatory to collect.


Silver Keys

The six silver keys as they appear in the Select Menu

Each silver key looks different, depending on which section of the game´s completion it represents.


The silver keys have no direct use in the game or the levels of the game, meaning that they do not give the character any extra characteristics, advantages, features, etc.! The silver keys´ only purposes are to represent how many levels of the game are beaten and to represent potential in getting to the Conclusion section of the game. In fact, the silver keys are only directly shown in the Select Menu section of the game. Therefore, despite the fact that they are considered items, the silver keys are more or less symbols or ranks giving the player the idea of an object or an item.